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Are you considering 
hair replacement?

Now accepting insurance for those who qualify.

What are hair replacements?

Provides Hope and Confidence.

Hair Replacements enhances the natural beauty of a woman.  Adding a different texture, color, length or just adding fullness provides hope and confidence to women who may be going through a lifestyle change due to medical conditions that may cause hair loss or changes to the natural appearance.

These hair replacements are also called non-surgical hair replacements and can be in the form of wigs, hair toppers, braids, quick weaves, microlinks or sewins.

Why  our Sewins?

Our signature sewing technique ensures that your sew-in can be worn for up to 6 months with proper in-salon maintenance, providing not only longevity but also fostering the healthy growth of your natural hair.


Whether you're looking to transition from relaxed hair to natural, seeking solutions for hair loss, or simply craving a protective style that exudes confidence, our sew-in service is tailored to meet your needs.

We prioritize your peace of mind when it comes to hair extensions. That's why our Sewin package includes a generous offering of 3 bundles of our premium 14-inch extensions. With this comprehensive package, you can rest assured that you're receiving not only expert sew-in service but also high-quality extensions that perfectly complement your natural hair. 

Additionally we offer more hair replacement services...

Quickweaves, wigs and hair toppers are also hair replacement systems that we offer.  It's best to book a consultation for proper hair and scalp analysis and adjustments.

Why our Microlinks?

Our Microlink service combines the expertise of our Ultimate Silk Press with the precision installation of Microlinks, designed to provide fullness and length for women with thin to medium hair seeking to enhance their natural beauty.


With our meticulous approach, we seamlessly blend the raw indian hair extensions using the bead and weft method, ensuring a flawless integration that looks and feels entirely natural. Whether you're longing for volume added length, or both, our Microlink service caters to your individual desires, while ensuring you maintain healthy scalp and hair.


Microlinks Consultations are highly recommend for our first- timers.  

Why our Glue-Less Wigs?

At Novi Te, we offer diifferent types wig replacements.  We customize glue-less wigs, offer medical grade wigs and commercial wigs.  We specialize in creating high-quality custom glueless wigs that look and feel like natural hair. Our wigs are made with 100% human hair, ensuring a soft and natural texture that is easy to style and maintain.

What sets our custom glueless wigs apart from other types of wigs is our advanced customization process. We take the time to understand each customer's unique needs and specifications, including head size, hairline, and hair type, to create a wig that fits perfectly and looks completely natural.



6001 River Road, Suite 210

Columbus, GA 31904


(706) 708-9090



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