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Choose your pricing plan

  • 6 Month Sewin Program

    Every month
    +$900 Non-Refundable Commitment Fee
    This program is ideal for transitioning relaxed hair to natural or if you are desire hair growth.
    Valid for 6 months
    • Up To Three 14" Bundles of Hair
    • One Full Sewin Install
    • Hair and ScalpTreatments
    • Two Shampoo and Sales Once Every Four Weeks
    • Three Sewin Maintenance Once Every 6 Weeks
    • Saturday Appoinments
  • Hair Recovery Program

    Every week
    +$1,500 Non-Refundable Commitment Fee
    For women dealing with hair loss, excessive shedding or thinning.
    Valid for 14 weeks
    • Weekly Salon Visits
    • 14- Week Personalized Treatment Plan
    • Scalp Therapy Ozone Treatment
    • Take Home Care
    • Head Massage
    • Blow Dry
  • Natural Hair Restoration Program

    Every 2 weeks
    +$610 Non-Refundable Commitment Fee
    For Naturally Textured Hair who desire a healthy hair transformation.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • Choose Between Two Styles Silk Press or Curl Definition
    • Hair + Scalp Detox
    • Hair + Scalp Analysis
    • Hydration Treatment
    • Hair Manageability
    • Protein Treatment
    • Hair Trim or Cut
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