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Our Vision

Prom Dream is a community cause aimed at providing support for single mothers and their teenage daughters during difficult times. The program offers an opportunity for selected high school teens to attend prom with a full package including a dress, shoes, and accessories, without having to worry about the financial burden of the occasion.

To be eligible for the program, high school teens are required to write an essay on why they should be selected to receive the full prom package. The selection process is based on the individual's financial need and personal circumstances. The aim of this selection process is to ensure that those who are most in need of assistance receive it.

All the proceeds from this cause are dedicated to providing the full prom package to the selected teens. The initiative recognizes the challenges that single mothers face in raising their children, and how it can be especially challenging when it comes to meeting the financial demands of high school events like prom. Therefore, the initiative seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of these families by offering support during a pivotal moment in their lives.

The Prom Dream initiative is a wonderful way to give back to the community and help families in need. By providing young girls with the opportunity to experience prom without worrying about the financial burden, this initiative promotes inclusivity and a sense of belonging for all high school students.


Shanea Buie

Founder & CEO, Novi Te Salon


Alexandria Clemmons

Founder & CEO, Alex Blaque Label

Presented by Shanea Buie
Founder & CEO at Novi Te Salon 
and Alexandria Clemmons Founder & CEO at Alex Blacque Label

Shanea Buie and Alexandria Clemmons are two exceptional entrepreneurs who have come together to make a meaningful impact on the Columbus, GA community through their joint initiative, Prom Dream. As co-founders and CEOs of Novi Te Salon and Alex Blaque Label respectively, they have brought their talents and experiences to provide an unforgettable prom experience for high school teens in need.

Growing up, both Shanea and Alexandria witnessed their mothers struggle to afford prom expenses and had to work as teenagers to pay for them. This personal experience fueled their desire to give back and support single moms and their daughters, inspiring them to create Prom Dream in March 2023.

Alexandria's exceptional talent as a fashion designer has taken her around the world, designing for artists such as Rihanna and most recently Black Chyna. Her expertise and innovative designs have been invaluable in creating unique and memorable prom dresses for selected high school teens.

Meanwhile, Shanea's expertise as a hairstylist and salon owner has been crucial in ensuring that the girls look and feel their best on prom night. Together, they have combined their talents to provide the selected teens with full prom packages, including dresses, shoes, accessories, and hair and makeup services.

Through their partnership, Shanea and Alexandria have shown that hard work, determination, and a desire to give back can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Their efforts have brought joy and positivity to the Columbus, GA community, empowering young girls to have a prom experience that they will never forget.

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