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How Novi Te Haircare Formula Begin

After 3 years with Basic Haircare System, I had grown tremendously as a beauty professional and learned so much from them. This company taught me the importance of product knowledge when using products effectively during every haircare routine. Basic also helped provide resources about their products to help promote the brand through social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram! When they made their decision to close down (even though we were doing well). As someone who learned so much in that period--not just through research but also by working closely alongside those at Basic Haircare Systems.

I knew that if I wanted to be successful, the best way for me would be by starting in an environment where product knowledge was taught. So instead of launching my own hair care company like most people suggested when they heard about this opportunity with Basic, I decided on learning from them first-hand because there are so many things you have no idea about until you go behind the scenes in another business setting!

For me, a major part of being confident in the salon is knowing how to talk about products. My journey began with Basic Haircare System and I'm grateful they helped groom who you see today! "I" knew this would be something worth doing again, but this time with starting up my very own haircare line; Novi Te Haircare Formula.

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